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About Our Program

We maximize student potential through the following methods:

Assessments & Progress Reports

Customized Lesson Plans

Common Core State Standards

Test Preparation

Consolidating Math Skills

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Our Objective

Setting goals and encouraging confidence in math through practice and determination. 

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Key Notes about the Program

We prioritize foundational math concepts, because our goal is to help kids to understand why math works. By helping students master the core concepts they struggle with, we aim to push them beyond just memorizing formulas and algorithms. By building up a strong base of foundational knowledge, students will be better equipped to succeed in their classwork, homework, and tests.

We have students work for their answers. Our instructors pick out select problems from their homework assignments and explain the problem-solving process leading up to the solution. Students are encouraged to do their best to solve problems independently before seeking guidance from their instructor.


We tailor-make every student's learning plan, and your input is very important in that process! If you find that your student needs more support on a particular topic in order to succeed in class, we would love to know about it. No matter what the concept, we'll be happy to work on it!

Parents & Students

Our line is always open for a call or text.

From curriculum to methodology to student progress and more, we'd love to chat with you! Our goal is to increase access and interest in the ever-growing field of STEM.

It is our pleasure to see students grow in both their math skills and their love for mathematics! 

To schedule your free assessment, fill out our contact form or reach out to us using one of the methods below.




(949) 329-4040


How Does Our Program Work?

It all begins with our assessment. For most students, the assessment will identify any topics they haven't mastered yet. From there, we'll give an additional prerequisites assessment to figure out which foundational math concepts they might be struggling with. This allows us to pick out any learning gaps your student may have from previous years.

For advanced learners, the assessment will test concepts that will be covered in future math courses.

Using these assessment results, we create a customized learning plan that details exactly which topics need practice, and which of our handcrafted lessons we will use to cover these topics.

What is in a session?

In our MathPlex curriculum-based program, each instructor works with a small group of students, typically in a 3 to 1 ratio. However, all instruction is done in a one-on-one setting.


For each student, the instructor will explain concepts and answer any questions before giving them some time to work independently. During this time, the instructor will continually observe the methods each student is using and step in to help if a student appears to be stuck. Students are welcome to bring in homework or test prep materials if they have questions for their instructor.

Our homework help and test prep program does not include any MathPlex curriculum work and only provides homework and test prep help. Students in this program will be instructed one-on-one in a small group setting as described in our curriculum-based program. Students will need to bring their own materials to work on during their sessions.


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